Silkroad !

A MMORPG that you will travel with...

In the 8th century, many centuries after the beginning of the creation of the road between China and Europe, Chinese countries were in misrule due to the revolt of Anroksan. Wars for controlling Arabic regions started and deline in Western Europe began.

On the silk road, outlaws were tyrannizing merchants because there was no one to protect them...

And now, you come in the game...

Imagine this silk road that will allow you to be rich...
Develop your character to be the king of the thieves, choose the right side to protect sellers agains outlaws, or become merchant to sell goods from town to town. A full historical immersion in the land of a thousand and one nights between Europe and great China.
  • RATES EXP : X10
    RATES SHARE : x20
    GOLD : X4
    DROP : X8
    SOX : x4

  • Two races : Europeans and Chinese

  • Choose the class you want : Sword, Longsword, Dague, Magus, Bow... Dozens of possibilities and personnalisations available !

  • Three sides conflict to become rich : hunter, merchant or outlaw ! Go with your friends on the Silk Road

  • Thousands of quests, mobs, instances, pets, lot of stuff...

  • Download TERA SRO


# Name Level Reborn
1 AzraeI 123 1
2 Niveda 121 1
3 Pk 120 1
4 NewStarter 120 1
5 Anode 118 1
6 TupacShakur 118 1
7 Akeko 117 1
8 Yandu 117 1
9 Chai 117 1
10 _Naughty 117 1

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